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Junior Coaching

Junior Tennis Coaching

[All children receiving outdoor coaching must be members of the club]

Coaches and contacts:  


Paul Cowie – Head Coach – Individual, junior and adult coaching 07969 815908


Christopher Davis – Club Coach – Individual, junior and adult coaching 07547105953


Nick Butcher – Child Protection Officer – 0121 445 1477


Guidelines only’ for coaching groups available:
Mini tennis red up to Yr 3 – played indoors on badminton courts with sponge balls and small rackets.
Mini tennis orange up to Yr 5 – outdoors on a shortened court with orange balls.
Mini tennis green up to Yr 6- outdoors on a full court with green balls.
Intermediate tennis Yrs 6 – 9 and Teens tennis Yrs 9 – 12 on a full court with normal tennis balls.

For the most up to date list of sessions for junior and adult coaching, please visit Cowies Coaching


Courses run from April to July, September to December and January to April.


If you are interested in finding out more or attending a free taster session please contact our Head tennis coach Paul Cowie on 07969 815908